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Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Today I had some Questions that need some answers and I wish I get some help from you my friends..

Why is it too easy to fell in love and too difficult to forget it?

Why is it too easy to make some one smile but too difficult to make some one happy?

Why is it too easy to get hurt but too difficult to be heeled?

Why do people hurt each other while they can make them happy?

I think this is all I have so far but I might add some more if any thing came across my mind.


The Groom said...

Of course we are honored and glad to try our best here....

It is not easy to fall in Love, admiration is too easy like that but true LOVE is So hard to Find, So hard to lose.

Because a smile is a physical action done as a result to a signal sent by the brain sometimes unintentionally. While happiness is a total state that encompasses different feelings and other sub-states and makes you forget the whole world and its worst things.

For the same reason that it is too easy to break things and very hard to fix them back to their original state. Broken hearts will never be fixed. But could be replaced :)))

People hurt each other for the same reason they care and help each other. It is an implied instinct.

Do let us know when you have thoughts and please keep plotting them here always.

May Allah SWT guide, help and support you.

تحياتي لك من ماناساس البلد

Bride Zone said...

There are no words to thank you enough for your contribution.
I am grateful for your continuous support for me whenever I needed it.
Your comment can actually be posted as a post..

As Whitney Houston's song ( I will always love you) says:
I hope life treats you kind.
And I hope you have all you dreamed of.
And I wish you joy and happiness.
But above all this, I wish you LOVE.

A world of thanks to you.

Noony said...

Oh Bride,
I always ask myself these questions and I never find the right answers that would kill them once and for all and never think about them again.
The answer I keep saying to myself is, "We are merely Humans."
Allah (SWT) has granted us the gift of reason to observe, choose, and decide. In addition, Allah has also granted us the gift of feelings; that's why we smile and frown, laugh and cry, get happy and get hurt. We, and only we, have the ability to decide which feeling we have to show in a certian situation before certain people.
I always find my refuge to think that there are things in life that are better to be left as they are.
Do not occupy yourself with aimless questions; try to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
It's always nice to share thoughts with others...Thanks, sweety (k)

سندباد said...


The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...

The answer is blowin' in the wind...

-Bob Dylan-

best regards/مع مودتي

Bride Zone said...

Oh dear noona..
You know.. such Qs won't pop up in your head unless u faced a situation that would make u wonder why..
I know that we shouldn't ask about every thing but sometimes u just wish that life was a bit closer to perfection..

Thanx a lot for ur sweet comment I really liked it and I liked u being around :)

Have a pleasant day!


Dear sindibad..
I tried to listen to the loud music but couldn't figure out what they were saying.. I'll try to find the lyrics..
A bunch of thanx for continues support :))

Have a happy day!

khaled said...

اصل هوا كده

Bride Zone said...

صحيح يا خالد؟ :))

بس هي كده ليه وما كانتش غير كده؟؟

Anonymous said...

such questions come into my mind daily.. but can not find answers , if you do... just reach out & i will be there .. some tims i said "damn love" ... but we are not alive without that curse..

Bride Zone said...

I wish I had the answers.. I think it's only our distney that plays it's roles in life..

Thanks for passing by..