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Thursday, 10 January 2019

She is TWO!

My little munchkin is two today.. Two years ago I was in the operating room having c-section and meeting my angel for the first time ever.. She then stole my heart.. Her charming personality keeps shining everyday.. Smart, social, funny and a true passionate leader.. As depressed I was to undergo a surgery to have her as appreciative I am to have this little person in my life.. Can't imagine how my life would have been without her..
She loves her brother so much.. It makes me so content watching them both playing together.

As far as her progress, her four molars has erupted, canines still didn't show up although her gum are swollen and red.
I didn't completely wean her from my milk but I have been reducing it for a while now. She is so attached to it that it breaks my heart to turn her down when she asks for it throughout the day.

She is no longer a baby.. She is a little girl.. May Allah protect her and bless her with happiness.. Love her and her brother with every atom in my body..

so long guys!
Till next time.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

More tooth!

Yes not just one! Just two days after my last post her final incisor has erupted and yesterday we got her first Molar! That was not expected at all! I was waiting for the canines to show up but was surprised to see a molar first! Now I know why her mood was off lately.. Complaining and shouting whenever she doesn't get milk when she asks for it (Which is all the time by the way!).. She had runny nose last week and her sleeping was interrupted several times.. She refuses her solids and keeps spitting them.. this little tiny teeny molar explains it all!
It has taken a while for her teeth to erupt but now things are getting faster! Can't wait for this phase to finish to be able to take a deep breath off these symptoms.

Will keep you updated. Cio!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

One more teeth! Finally!!

Last night I noticed that a new teeth has erupted in her upper gum! Yay to that! total of 7 teeth at 20 months + 7 days!
She has a strong mind.. She argues and screams.. She even cries loud when she refuses something! She wants to feed herself which ends up in a complete mess and for that I refuse to let her and trigger the beast!

Very short summry this time! Until the next major update!

Monday, 20 August 2018

يوم تحقيق الامنيات!

  وانا اضع ابني في سريره الليلة عزمت ان اخبر عن يوم عرفة بطريقة يستطيع ان يستوعبها في سنه الصغير.. اخبرته انه غدا يوم عظيم ينزل فيه الله تبارك وتعالى الى السماء فيسمعنا ويرانا  عن قرب.. ونطلب منه وندعو بما نشاء فيجيب ويعطي.. اخبرته انه يستطيع ان يطلب كلللل ما يتمناه.. ان يعينه على الصلاة وحفظ القران.. ان يكون مطيعا لوالديه.. ان يكون ذكيا متفوقا حتى يستطيع ان يتخرج من المدرسة -كان هذا من ضمن امنياته - رايت عينيه وقد برقت من الفرحة كمن بدت له فكرة! ولخبرته ان بامكانه ان يطلب المال الوفير وان يطلب حتى بيتا من الشوكولاه! ضحك ابني كثيرا عندها فقد اعجبته الفكرة! اخبرته ان ينام سريعا حتى يستطيع ان يدعو بما يشاء غدا لانه يوم تحقيق الامنيات.. قبلته وذهبت وفي ذهني يتردد صدى هذه التسمية.. يوم تحقيق الامنيات! كم من امنية اتمنى ان تتحقق.. هناك قائمة من الاماني التي وضعتها تباعا..
صلاح ذريتي وهدايتهم على راس القائمة.. والجنة لي ولمن احب..
ثم تاتي امنيات دنيوية وحده الله القادر على تحقيقها.. وبدات الاشياء تجذب تفكيري الواحدة تلو الاخرى.. علي ان اعد قائمة مكتوبة حتى لا انسى ما اريد.. انها ساعات قليلة ولكنها ساعات ذهبية فاز من اغتنمها..
تقبل الله طاعاتكم جميعا وكل عام وانتم بخير

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

1.5 aka 18 months!

My little girl is one and a half years old.. There is a weird satisfying feeling in my heart.. Like a cold breeze that refreshes you in an autumn day.. Pure love if I must name it.. Everytime I looked at her yesterday - the day she turned 18 months -  This feeling surrounds my heart and draws a big fat smile on my face.. Couldn't stop cuddling her and kissing her while she smiles back at me.. I am one happy mama! Thanks God for that.. Alhamdulillah..
as far as her development goes we now have one half way erupted teeth and another one just peeking through her gum, total of four lower teeth and two upper teeth.. I can see there are more coming in her lower gum as well..
cognitive wise; I think she is doing well.. Talking, singing and dancing while she plays around with her brother.. Love seeing them playing with each other, it's just so sweet!
we have a new 18 months vaccine appointment in the coming few days.. It always makes me feel bad that I am hurting her instead of protecting her from pain but try to remind myself it's for her sake not get worse pain with all these nasty diseases the vaccine helps you avoid..

Till next time.. With love..

Monday, 11 June 2018

17 Months old!!

We finally got 2 more teeth so that makes it a total of 4! Man that took a very loooong time to reach! I can see she is is biting on everything she can get into her mouth these days so expecting some more to erupt soon..
She is slightly a better sleeper now.. wakes every couple of hours or so, unlike the every hour pattern she had previously..
She loves to play the 'catch me' game every time she grabs something she is not supposed to grab she giggles and run away when she sees me coming to her..
She sings, dances and chats in her own words, she does have a good vocabulary though, as she can say a sentence of two words, two words that we can understand.
She can put on her shoe, after taking it out off course :)
What else can I think of? hmmm not much really.. I love her to the moon and back and can't think of my life without her.. She is my little sunshine.. The way she smiles when she sees me coming home after work, running toward me and hugging me.. Can't trade that for the world..
Till next time.. Ciao!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

15 months..

Tomorrow we have a vaccination appointment! nothing much happened since the last update..
Still two teeth no more eruptions shown. The sleep pattern still sucks, I am getting more tired every single day... She wakes up almost every single hour and she refuses to go to her dad, I shouldn't be envied by this, it's not fun at all..
Her words make more sense now.. Not all of them but she can say I want, I don't want, Water, Give me, and few more..

Not much to say besides wishing her sleep pattern gets better, I pray it does get better.. Day by day life has become harder without proper sleep..