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Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Hurray! Yes we did it to one year and more to come!
My little princess is one year! Can't believe this just happened. Last night I had all the memories of that day coming to me.. How I spent the night before my surgery thinking.. turning from one side to another trying hopelessly to sleep.. Listening to Quran to soothe myself.. none of that worked. I had a long sleepless night all by myself in the hospital thinking about the big event to come the very next morning..
Here I am.. One year later.. All of that is just a memory now.. My little girl is one year old.. her personality is shining like a star.. A very strong one.. Her father says she resembles me on that :) She has just 2 teeth.. a curly short hair..
She doesn't sleep well until now, I am still hoping for her sleep  pattern to improve. She screams loudly! Yes that little munchkin screams and talks all the time! She loves playing with her brother and I love watching that bond getting stronger..
 I am so blessed and for that I am very thankful.. It's been a rough sleepless year but it did add a new dimension to my life.. Thank you Allah for blessing me with all of this and more..

To next time :)

Sunday, 10 December 2017

One month to reach a year!!

Can you believe this? One month only to reach a one year milestone! maaaaah! I want my little newborn back :(
She walks few steps now, and one erupted teeth! Finally!

She learned how to scream and she does it well! She is very loud when she is in the mood to scream!

She is so chatty and she loves mobile phones! She would start bubbling around whenever the phone rings as she mimics conversations :)

Enough said for now. Until the next milestone :)

Friday, 10 November 2017

And we are TEN!!

Oh wow! Can you even imagine how ten months go by? Try that with a baby! Days feel like a roller coaster. That's how fast they go by!
She crawls fast now.. She's been crawling for a while. Unfamiliar way to crawl, never saw a baby crawls the way she does but that's how she does it and she's pretty darn good on it!
She stands up by grabbing things.. People, furniture, anything that can help her really. And she walks while holding up to things! Pretty impressive mashallah! No teeth yet though, I'm not in Harry for that.
This month started off with a sickness. A bad one actually. She had a severe fever out of no where, diagnosed with a severe Throat infection that forced us to start antibiotic for her, just then red pimples started to pop around her body! My mom thought it's chickenpox but to me it looked different. Another visit to the doctor and a weirded illness was diagnosed. Never heard of the mouth,hand and foot virus!
Poor girl she was not her self during this period, tired, clingy and cranky. She was not able to feed so she will such some milk and then screen her head off! Poor baby.. It's been five days now and things are hopefully getting better.
I hope by the end of this her sleeping time gets better. Those sleepless nights are sucking my energy off. What makes it up for me is seeing this gorgeous little girl growing I front of my eyes. I'm so blessed to have her and her brother.
It's not an easy job to be a mother but it does change you a lot to be one, 

Have a blessed Friday till next time!  

Thursday, 10 August 2017

7 whole months!

I can't even believe that she is seven months already! Time is really flying.. I still recall the moment they brought her in front of my face to see her for the first time.. Feels like just few days back..
She is mobile now.. She moves backwards only and she turns directions.. Babies are really smart! They learn things out of nowhere and surprise you with it.. She still can't crawl but she lefts her body entirely off the ground and goes on her four.. Soon enough she will figure out how to do it..
She started solid food since last month.. Puree and mashed, tried some finger food with her.. I am trying different recipes for her.. Some from online sources and some from my own head of what can go well together.. She seems to enjoy what I cook for her and I am happy for that!
She bumbles around like da-da-da.. and she cries for milk saying annnnnn and this is how I know she is hungry :)
She makes sweet and cute facial expression that just melts my heart!
Bless her mashalla..
She doesn't have a fixed sleep pattern for my bad luck but I am still surviving those sleepless nights while attending to office early morning looking like a zombie lol..
Sometimes it makes me sad to see her growing while time flies and try to soak up as much as I can of this precious time..
Till next time :)

Saturday, 1 July 2017

She finally did it!

Yeeeees! She finally rolled over! One big milestone achieved.. She rolled over from tummy to back on 29-6 and today she rolled over from back to tummy! I'm over the moon she did it while I'm home to witness the first stage of her mobility.
Bless you little baby girl.. You totally have your mom's heart stolen.
I forgot to mention that she is 24 weeks.. 9 more days to complete her sixth month..

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Four months! Wohoo!!

Yes! she is exactly four months today!
God time really flies by when you have an infant in hand.. Its so much pleasure watching how a human being grows up and learn new skills day by day!
When my boy was at her age things were different.. I was only waiting for him to grow up that I wasn't enjoying these moments much.. The tired first time mom was not realising how treasurable these moments are.. Once they are gone they will never come back, which is both exciting and sad..
Looking into your baby's eyes worth a 100 days of restlessness.. Or perhaps even more.. She is just so precious and so is her brother.. They both identify a big part of me now..
As far as how she progressed since last time, she laughs! Yes she does a load most charming laughs as she plays around! I enjoy myself to the max every time I try to make her laugh and watch her little face brighten up when she does.. It is such a rewarding job to be a parent when you get paid with these beautiful innocent smiles and laughs while your baby looks at you! Those little curios eyes melt my heart everytime I look into them. They always make my heart smile.. such a warm feeling that I can't put in words but I am sure every mom has gone through!
She has a better hand-eye coordination now so she can grab things after couple of tries and direct them to her mouth right away!
She turns to her sides but  not a full turn yet and she hates tummy time! I can't make her go for a full five minutes without screaming for help!
That little creature has completely stolen my heart.. I miss her every time I leave her and I love her and her brother to the moon and back millions of times..

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

13 weeks old!

Well well well..
Most websites suggest that the baby should be a better sleeper, sleeping five to six hours uninterrupted at night. I'm not one of those lucky ones unfortunately! She is doing three to four hours max and some nights she would wake me up every two hours.. Ehhh..
She is developing her hand-eye coordination, I can see her trying to catch things with her hand.. Not yet succeeded.
She laughs out load when me or a families person talks and plays with her..
She knows when someone is trying to pick her up as she cheers and smiles for them!
She is still suffering from colic but I stopped using any medication for that after being warned by a pediatric.
Mobile toys are helping out sometimes. I'm trying to enjoy this time as much as possible though sleepless nights are hard, her gorgeous smiles makes it up for me!