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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

One year and counting!

Who can actually imagine that it's been a year now since I got married? Days really do fly by and YES it's been a year now!

I am happy.. I made it through to a year.. And I will work on making it forever..

For every single person.. Wish you get your second half soon.. For married people.. Work on it and keep on counting..

Huge love boost,



مخبوطازاد said...

SALAM ALIKOM happy universary i wish u all luck an hapiness and long life with ur hasband with lot of kids happy and good muslims inshallah
i will be very happy if u visite my blog and share with me a moment of fun im waiting for u dont be late see ya

Gasi said...

For your anniversary,I wish you all the happiness in the world and let your life be long and interesting like the Milky Way and soap opera series!:)

Anonymous said...

يبدو جيدا ، وأحب قراءة بلوق ، أضفته إلى المفضلة ؛)