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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Happily ever after..

It's been ages since last time I blogged anything in here.. Yes I have been busy managing my new life and finalizing my studies.. I have finally submitted my dissertation after one year of delay and I am waiting for the results to come out in November.. The fruit of two years of work.. The end of this era in my life.. Its ridicules that I have to wait for two months to get the results I know but I wish I had another choice!

As for my new marriage life, it's very ordinary life that I am living, no special events, just normal, ups and downs, sweet and sour.. You know how sometimes you see other people's life and inside of you, you say this will not live the way they live and then you find yourself living it? This is how I feel sometimes.. I realize now that I had very high hopes that I didn't find in real life.. Yet, I can't say that I am not happy, perhaps those high hopes wouldn't really make me as happy as I am now.. God only knows what is the best for us and writes it for us to live..

I am really blessed with a very loving husband which covers every other flaw in him, and I wish that all my single friends finds husbands like mine or even better to live a blessed and happy life..

Best wishes from Bahrain.

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