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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Eight days postpartum C-Section.

Can't believe it's been this long already! Things has been tough at the beginning. The operation it self was a nerve racking expirince to me, I was terrified and emotionally exhausted. The spinal anesthesia that I had was not an easy task to handle, and that big incision was so painful the first few days but now things are getting easier, not the way a natural delivery will do but still much better than how it felt at the beginning.
Leaving that part a side, my beautiful little angel is doing great alhamdulella which is making me so happy.. Restless nights are part of the package but watching her little face looking at me washes that off..
I'm truly blessed to have her  lighten my life the way she's doing now...
Baby call for some feed.. Would blog some more later on.

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