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Friday, 10 February 2017

One month!

Yes she's one month old today! It's amazing how time flies by..
Baby is smiling, a heart melting smile.. She started to shed tears yesterday! She follows the voice with her eyes.. I'm so in love ❤️
As far as how I'm doing I must say I'm pretty exhausted with the sleep pattern that she's given me, not to mention catching a cold.. My incision is slightly infected, I've been prescribed a local antibiotic to take care of that and give it a few more days to see how it goes..
I'm trying to breast feed her as much as I can and keep the formula milk as low as once or twice a day at most.. I didn't expect it to be that hard but man it's so freaking hard! My breast ar sore all the time.. It hurts like crazy specifically at night that it prevents me from sleeping some times.. I'm trying to adjust to the new life style and make the most out of it..
I'll try to update this dairy as often as I can so that it stays as a record of my baby's progress.. That's all for this time.. :)

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