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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

13 weeks old!

Well well well..
Most websites suggest that the baby should be a better sleeper, sleeping five to six hours uninterrupted at night. I'm not one of those lucky ones unfortunately! She is doing three to four hours max and some nights she would wake me up every two hours.. Ehhh..
She is developing her hand-eye coordination, I can see her trying to catch things with her hand.. Not yet succeeded.
She laughs out load when me or a families person talks and plays with her..
She knows when someone is trying to pick her up as she cheers and smiles for them!
She is still suffering from colic but I stopped using any medication for that after being warned by a pediatric.
Mobile toys are helping out sometimes. I'm trying to enjoy this time as much as possible though sleepless nights are hard, her gorgeous smiles makes it up for me!

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