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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Four months! Wohoo!!

Yes! she is exactly four months today!
God time really flies by when you have an infant in hand.. Its so much pleasure watching how a human being grows up and learn new skills day by day!
When my boy was at her age things were different.. I was only waiting for him to grow up that I wasn't enjoying these moments much.. The tired first time mom was not realising how treasurable these moments are.. Once they are gone they will never come back, which is both exciting and sad..
Looking into your baby's eyes worth a 100 days of restlessness.. Or perhaps even more.. She is just so precious and so is her brother.. They both identify a big part of me now..
As far as how she progressed since last time, she laughs! Yes she does a load most charming laughs as she plays around! I enjoy myself to the max every time I try to make her laugh and watch her little face brighten up when she does.. It is such a rewarding job to be a parent when you get paid with these beautiful innocent smiles and laughs while your baby looks at you! Those little curios eyes melt my heart everytime I look into them. They always make my heart smile.. such a warm feeling that I can't put in words but I am sure every mom has gone through!
She has a better hand-eye coordination now so she can grab things after couple of tries and direct them to her mouth right away!
She turns to her sides but  not a full turn yet and she hates tummy time! I can't make her go for a full five minutes without screaming for help!
That little creature has completely stolen my heart.. I miss her every time I leave her and I love her and her brother to the moon and back millions of times..

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