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Thursday, 10 August 2017

7 whole months!

I can't even believe that she is seven months already! Time is really flying.. I still recall the moment they brought her in front of my face to see her for the first time.. Feels like just few days back..
She is mobile now.. She moves backwards only and she turns directions.. Babies are really smart! They learn things out of nowhere and surprise you with it.. She still can't crawl but she lefts her body entirely off the ground and goes on her four.. Soon enough she will figure out how to do it..
She started solid food since last month.. Puree and mashed, tried some finger food with her.. I am trying different recipes for her.. Some from online sources and some from my own head of what can go well together.. She seems to enjoy what I cook for her and I am happy for that!
She bumbles around like da-da-da.. and she cries for milk saying annnnnn and this is how I know she is hungry :)
She makes sweet and cute facial expression that just melts my heart!
Bless her mashalla..
She doesn't have a fixed sleep pattern for my bad luck but I am still surviving those sleepless nights while attending to office early morning looking like a zombie lol..
Sometimes it makes me sad to see her growing while time flies and try to soak up as much as I can of this precious time..
Till next time :)

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